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100% original Launch X431 gds 3G scopebox scope box for Launch X431 GDS

Launch X431 GDS 3G Product NO.: PRT00126
Product Name:Launch X431 GDS 3G
Shipping: Calculated at checkout
Weight: 8 KG

Warranty: one year warranty, 7 days money-back if any reason.


Fast capture the circuit signal.
Display waveform slowly for observe and analysis.
Record and store the tested signal waveform convenient for failure analysis.
Detect, display and store all the electrical signal of amplitude, frequency, shape, pulse width, array five parameters.


X-431 GDS is a new generation of sophisticated and integrated automotive diagnostic product with colorful screen and powerful functions developed by LAUNCH, and Scopebox is an optional function box for GDS, including automotive oscilloscope and automotive ignition waveform.

Automotive oscilloscope can make the auto repair technician quickly judged the faults on automotive electronic equipment and wiring´╝î and the oscilloscope sweep speed is far greater than the signal frequency of such vehicles, usually 5-10 times of the measured signal. The automotive oscilloscope not only can quickly capture the circuit signal, but also can slowly display the waveform to observe and analyze. It can also record and store the tested signal waveform which can be played back to observe for the fast signal, having great convenience to failure analysis. Either high-speed signal (e.g.: injection nozzle, intermittent fault signal) or the slow-speed signal (e.g. the throttle position change and the oxygen sensor signal) can be observed through automotive oscilloscope in an appropriate waveform.

The electronic signal can be compared and judged via measuring five parameters indexes. The five parameters indexes are the amplitude (the maximum voltage of signal),the frequency (the cycletime of signal), the shape (the appearance of signal), the pulse width (the duty cycle or the time range of signal), and the array (the repetition characteristic of signal), which can be tested, displayed, saved by the automotive oscilloscope. Via the waveform analysis can further detect the circuit fault on sensors, actuators, circuits, and electronic control units, etc.


Scopebox: 4 channels

highest sampling frequency 150MHZ

max storage depth 64MSa

8-bit resolution

Scopebox structure:

Launch-CR-HD1 Launch-CR-HD1

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